Decorate water bottles, envelopes, clothing and more with Qr Code stickers & labels! 

Customize your own dynamic QR code for your marketing needs.

83 million+ QR Code scans worldwide.

QR Code 2

The benefit of using QR codes in your marketing is that it is Secure. Scalable. Integrated.

Whether you sell online or offline, the preferred channel for information consumption for users remains digital. Offer information and build an immersive digital experience for users with QR Codes.

80% of first-time users never return or advocate a brand unless you build an ongoing relationship with them. Use QR Codes to know your users in the real world, make a direct-to-consumer connection, and retarget them online to stay on top of their minds.

Let your customers instantly save your contact information on their smartphones. Leverage editable and trackable virtual cards to network in a smart engaging manner.

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